bozeman ashiatsu & asana Reviews

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Just had my first Ashiatsu massage with Lisa. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Lisa was warm and welcoming. The studio and massage room are clean and adorable. Will definitely get many more massages here!
— Laurie
Ashiatsu uncovered (and soothed) tension I didn’t even realize I was holding onto. I can’t wait for my next massage!
— Nicole
The ashiatsu massage was fabulous! It’s the first time I had that kind of massage, and it was the best ever. I want another one!
— Jane
I was nervous about it at first (I mean, a massage with feet...?). But, Lisa was so sweet and accommodating. The massage was marvelous. I couldn’t tell she was using her feet at all. And the fact that she was standing allowed her to maintain consistent pressure throughout her work. Afterwards, all of my body felt more relaxed than any massage I’d ever had. I bought a massage for my husband (who also had never had an ashiatsu massage). He’s a brawny guy and needs a lot of pressure. He left thinking it was the best massage he’s had in Bozeman.
— Claire
This was my first Ashiatsu experience. For me it’s the way to go. I enjoyed the relaxing, comfortable space, and the massage nearly put me to sleep. In good way. Felt great the next day, so I’m sold on the Ashiatsu style!
— Jay
As an Ashiatsu practitioner myself, I’ve got high standards when it comes to this modality! I had a real good feeling about Lisa before I saw her and once I got on her table, I was pleased as punch. Her deep knowledge of the body from yoga translates to her massage work. She is super gifted.
— Cat
This was my first Ashiatsu massage, and it definitely will not be my last. The next day I felt very limber, and my muscles were still relaxed. If you have not tried this kind of a massage, I recommend it highly.
— Jane
Lisa is amazing. You are in good hands (feet) with her!
— Jen
First time with this kind of massage, and I am definitely coming back as soon as possible! Lisa does an amazing job, and made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and 100% rejuvenated. Do yourself a favor and book with her!
— Celeste
Lisa gives an excellent massage. Not only is she kind and caring in her approach, but she is also focused entirely on your wellbeing. This is the kind of massage that stays with you for a long while afterwards - sure it’s relaxing in the moment, but more importantly, it is healing in the long term. I’m already booking my next session!
— Margaret K.
I’m still riding the wave of energy that Lisa’s massage encouraged to flow through my body. She is a compassionate and enlightened practitioner who maintains an air of lightness about her.
— Danielle
I will try anything when it comes to massage - but I wondered how feet could have as much dexterity as hands. turns out they can do a lot more! The sweeping strokes, range of possible pressure and relaxing vibe make this my new favorite technique.
— Margaret V.
Lisa is amazing! She has a comprehensive knowledge of the body and uses this to deliver the very best massage tailored specifically for you. I arrived with everything hurting and left feeling like I was walking on air! Treat yourself to her healing tootsies!
— Jenna