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We specialize in Ashiatsu massage and blending 12th-century wisdom with 21st-century wellness. 

Bozeman Ashiatsu is Montana's premiere barefoot massage studio. 

Ashiatsu, or barefoot massage, is an ancient healing art that's experiencing renewed popularity in the United States. And for good reason. Not only does Ashiatsu work deeper tissue, it also stimulates your entire parasympathetic nervous system. 

Bottom line: Ashiatsu gets results. 



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real relaxation. REAL RESULTS.

We hear it time and time again. Once people experience Ashiatsu, they never want to back to traditional massage techniques. Ashiatsu therapists hold onto overhead bars for balance and support as they use gravity to deliver targeted pressure through their feet in this transformative, relaxing, and therapeutic massage. Check out the unique benefits below or read our FAQs.

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work deeper tissue

Deeper than a typical "Deep Tissue" massage, Ashiatsu provides a perfect level of consistent pressure and stretch. Enjoy a pain-free, bruise-free massage of your deeper muscle layers, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

Read our Ashiatsu FAQs

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align your body

Ashiatsu supports greater fascial movement and elongates the spine to open disc spaces and soothe spinal nerves and connective tissue. Barefoot massage can also dramatically increase range of motion and athleticism. 

Read our Ashiatsu FAQs


Rest and Digest

Imagine being able to consciously relax your body and mind at will. Activating your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) helps train your body to adapt and recover faster during times of stress and brings greater peace to every area of your life.

Read our Ashiatsu FAQs 

Craving a little Namaste and Yeehaw?   Sign up for a retreat!

Craving a little Namaste and Yeehaw?  Sign up for a retreat!

Yoga philosophy & experience

For more than a decade, Lisa has taught yoga to men and women of all levels.  Her philosophy is best described as: observe, assist, inspire. She meets you on your mat and helps you achieve your personal definition of yoga success. Along the way, she'll shower you with love, laughter, and lifted spirits.

Lisa also teaches yoga for Big Sky Yoga Retreats, h(OM)e of a suite of globally-acclaimed yoga vacations. Whether she's helping women get the blood flowing with Vinyasa or calming bodies and minds with restorative "before bed yoga." Lisa has a knack for making every yogini feel accepted, supported, and relaxed.

She's also the coordinator for Cowgirls vs. Cancer, a scholarship program which brings breast cancer fighters and survivors to Bozeman for a weekend of yoga, horses, friendship and TLC.

You can find her throughout the week teaching privately to small groups or volunteering her time teaching chair yoga to individuals with Alzheimer's disease.  

massage & yoga services



$75.00 (75 mins) or $90.00 (90 mins)

Treat yourself to the most luxurious massage on earth. Barefoot massage is a deep tissue technique that's well suited for all body types and ages. New to Ashiatsu? Check out our FAQ page to see if this massage modality is a good fit for you. 

Special Offer: Buy a package of three and get one free (use within 90 days). Contact us to purchase!

Hot Stone

$90.00 (75 mins) or $110 (90 mins)

Sink into a state of total relaxation as heated stones are placed on your body and combined with a traditional massage. Heat therapy penetrates deep muscles, helps you detox, and relieves long-standing muscular tension, stress, and fatigue.


$70.00 (60 mins) or $85.00 (75 mins) or $110.00 (90 mins)

Enjoy a classic Swedish massage with the pressure level of your choice (light, medium, or deep). This widely-popular technique will relax your body, focus your mind, and soothe your soul.


Book a Small Group Session or Private Yoga Class!

Bridal showers, birthday parties, and team building events are perfect occasions for yoga! Or, start a private yoga practice of your own. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Ages, abilities, and backgrounds welcome! Classes can be tailored to unique attendees and are never taught from a strict script. Emphasis is on proper body alignment, gentle adjustments (when desired), and respect for your practice – wherever you happen to be that particular day. Stretch, laugh, relax!

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As an Ashiatsu practitioner myself, I’ve got high standards when it comes to this modality! Lisa is super gifted. Plus she has a huge heart and bubbly, down-to-earth personality that is totally infectious. Go see her!
— Cat C.

about Lisa Laird

Massage Therapist. Yogini. Dancer. Mama.

Lisa began yoga at a young age as a complement for her first love – ballet. When a dance injury brought her back to the mat as an adult, she was hooked.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of yoga to heal her body. Lisa has dedicated her life to teaching and bringing the heartfelt and healthy relief, relaxation, and respite to others.

Lisa discovered Ashiatsu Massage in Mysore, India while studying Ashtanga Yoga. The immediate pain relief she felt was astonishing, and she returned to the States committed to learning the art and sharing her gift with her community.